Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the Air

On the ground ... 
(April 11, 2012) It’s 12:04 am Wednesday morning, according to my internal clock, and the clock on my lap top.  Vegas time?  9:04 pm Tuesday.  And in Hawaii?  6:04 pm, sun yet to set.   

From up here, 30,000 feet above the earth, with my two youngest dozing in the seats next to me, all time seems to serve is to remind me of the void and disconnect there is between what I’ve left behind on the ground below, and what awaits me when I land.

My beautiful preteen daughter on my left, and my sweet and kind little guy on my right, who still feels left behind as ‘one of the boys’, yet with the girls. I look at them, their lives so little yet lived, and so much yet to experience, and I ask myself, am I doing the right thing?

Looking back, this decision to move from coast to coast, and then another six hours by flight in to the middle of the pacific, came together remarkably fast.  A job offer in November, another in December, and yet another in March ... and here we are, less than 12 hours away from our new lives in Hawaii.  Life has been so busy, the decision still seems so surreal.  I mean, who moves to Hawaii anyhow?!

Leaving this morning, with all of my furniture sold, 25 totes packed and shipped, and 10 bags in tow, we cried tears of extreme sadness in leaving the life, and people, we know behind.  Now, a four hour car ride, 6 hour plane ride, and a 2 hour layover,  here I am, on our final jet plane.  Except I don't need to know when I'll be back again.  All I need to know is that my family of five will, once again, be together, connected, and in the same time zone.  

That's all for now, my blog ohana.  And mahalo for sharing this journey with me as we strive to live in an
Aloha State of Mind

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