Saturday, October 6, 2012

open air marketing

Mililani's Weekly Farmer's Market
One of the most pleasant things about living here is, unquestionably, the weather. Oahu's climate provides year-round benefits for its plantations, farms, and gardens.  It helps produce a delicious variety of fruits and vegetables, including sweet Kahuku corn, Waimanalo greens, and juicy mangoes and papayas.  There's even a pumpkin patch that opens mid-October.

Each open-air market offers something that the one visited before does not.  And, with so many around the island, not a day goes by that you cannot locate a farm-to-table opportunity.  

My favorite vendor at Mililani's Weekly POM
In 1973, the Honolulu Parks and Rec Department founded the People's Open Market (POM) system.  POMs are designed to support the islands' diverse agricultural products by providing them at low cost at statewide market sites and, at the same time, provide focal point areas for local residents to socialize.  With lower than retail prices, and many ethnic fruits and vegetables not found in the larger stores, more than one million people shop at the 25 market sites each year.  These POMs operate independently of the Farmer's Markets, and are run quite differently, too.  You may come early to browse, and even bag your selections, but no money may exchange hands until the official blows the horn, letting the shopping frenzy begin!  

One thing I know we've all heard about living in Hawaii is the high cost of living.  And, while it is not inexpensive to live here, we have found it to be in line with our cost of living in Rhode Island.  We spend far less on our weekly grocery bill, and still enjoy home cooked meals with fresh produce.  Four heads of garlic, three cucumbers, fresh bunches of herbs, cherry tomatoes ... these are just some of the examples of what your dollar, yes just a single dollar, will buy you.  

Loren, aka The Jam Guy, aka, Mr. Grey, aka YUM
As I get ready to prepare my shopping list for tomorrow's shopping experience at my local Farmer's Market, I would be remiss if I did not share with all of you Christian Grey fans Oahu's contender.  Loren, aka "The Jam Guy," is always the first stop Hannah and I make early Sunday mornings.  Can you blame us? I mean, his jam is delicious!  And his smile reminds me to slow things down and stay focused on my quest to live our island life in an 

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