Friday, March 23, 2012

5 - 2 = sad

So, this little pensive face is Andrew's, my youngest. However, it is his older brother I miss each morning as the bus stops at our house to bring him to school. Apparently, no one has notified the school bus company that he is no longer in RI.  

Being the ones "left behind" is not easy, not that I expected it would be. While Nick and Jake certainly have their responsibilities in Hawaii, they have begun to enjoy "our" new life, minus three.  Our new town and home are all we google-map hoped it would be, and more.  Lush, vibrant, local, and with perfect weather.  While our HI living space is half the size of our RI living space, it is clean, bright, new and modern.  

There have been some hiccups along the way.  Our car arrived safely in California, however the boat refused to take it over without payment (we were told payment would be made once on Oahu).  And, it's estimated arrival is over a week later than what was quoted.  Jake's medical records were not recorded correctly in RI and, therefore, made it a bit stressful to get him registered at his new school in HI.  And, Nick watched first-hand as the baggage handlers in LAX threw his bags full of our iMac and electronics over two feet onto the conveyer belt ... that's what $110 of luggage fees buys you, apparently.  

Now to get over the hiccups here in Rhode Island that are keeping our equation of sadness in check.  Our house is still on the market, with a price drop of almost thirty-thousand dollars.  We planned to rent it for April 1, but an early April Fool's joke as our tenants backed out at the last minute.  Like the cat who came back, Gizmo, our Chihuahua, got an extended stay at chateau Dazzeo - which worked out well as his new placement is perfect. 

As of now, we have no date set to zero out the balance, instead we continue to live vicariously, and with a bit of envy, through the boys as they experience their 
Aloha State of Mind

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