Sunday, March 4, 2012

The obligatory "why this blog" post

It's paradise, right? Who wouldn't want to live here?  In the land of sun, surf, white sand beaches ... but this is vacation, not real life, right??  Honestly, Hawaii was never the place I dreamt of when I fantasized of our family vacations.  We're more the Europe type, taking our oldest for three weeks to France, England, Switzerland, Italy, or a quick get-a-way to Ireland before our youngest was born.  Living in New England, summering in Maine (even on an island!) and winter breaks in Vermont.  But Hawaii?  Sure, it's pretty, and warm, but is it worth the 16 hour, multi-stop, flight?  

Then there is the reality of living in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the Union - a state by which other's are measured (how many RI's fit in Texas anyhow?)  Winter is, by far, the longest season of cold, dreary, lifeless days and even colder, darker nights.  And, for a small business owner such as myself, there is no such thing as catching a break in Rhode Island, giving taxachussetts a run for it's fame and notoriety.  But we're native!  How could we leave?  Won't we miss the snow and the change of seasons?

Honestly, I'm not really sure of how we happened upon Hawaii, or why the daydream of a move became a reality.  I tell people that it was our oldest, Jake, who was the catalyst to making a move out of RI.  His interest in moving away for college in 2013, and my inability to let him go.  And, maybe that was what started it ... or maybe not.  My husband and I started to apply to jobs outside RI, in warmer climates, and where his skills and special clearances as a nuclear welder, and my passion for fine wines, were desired (and paid $$$)  Once Hawaii was on the table, Nick (my husband) had his blinders on, and there was no point in reasoning a move elsewhere.

Then, a strange thing happened.  His current company posted an opening in Pearl Harbor.  Nick applied, and was offered, the position with one VERY big caveat ... NO relocation.  This was in late 2011 and it's taken us just a few short months to make the commitment to the 50th state in the union.  This blog is our way of sharing our experiences with those who may be dreamers, and offering our how-to guide to those who may be doers.  

So, sit back, grab a mai tai, and join us as we figure it all out, with our feet in the sand and an umbrella in our drink.  Mahalo, and welcome to an ...

Aloha State of Mind 

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