Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First to leave

Lucky little zoom zoom, on her way to the grand island of Oahu via car carrier.  She'll get to see the whole country on her way from East Coast Rhode Island to West Coast California.  Then its a boat ride through the Pacific to her final destination, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

While the process to ship our car has been a simple one, parting with the almost $2,400 to do so was a bit less simple of a decision to make.  However, once we crunched the numbers of buying a car, renting for the short term, or even looking in to a lease, having a new car (2011) with a manageable car payment once we arrive on island seemed worth the expense.  

Fresh with a wash and wax, oil change, rotated tires, and a completely clean interior (it would have been nice to have been able to load up that car with belongings!), little zoom zoom was loaded on the transport and off she went, excited, I'm sure, for her own Aloha State of Mind.

In order to pick up your car once on island, there are a few things to have in order.  A valid driver's license, valid registration (of course ours expired February 29 and I found myself giving the state of RI's DMV two hours of my life, and $68 - neither of which I will ever get back), and valid car insurance.

Warning!  I'm about to be disparaging to our little Rhody again!  

A quick google search led me to Island Insurance, a family owned and operated Hawaiian company.  I was fortunate enough to have my call answered by Roselynn, the owner's daughter.  For all of those who tell me that the local's use of the word "haole" is always derogatory, I challenge you to call Island for yourself.  Now, I know it's her job to make me feel comfortable enough for me to spend my money with her company, however it is certainly not her job to share her experiences with me both on island and on the East Coast.  We had a lengthy conversation, and, after finding every available discount and entering me into a contest to win a new Mac book, Roselynn provided our quote.  While I won't get into actual numbers, let me just tell you that my new Hawaiian car insurance is one fourth of what I am paying here in RI ... for the exact same coverage.  So much for that "cost of living" increase!

With hesitation, I asked to add my newly licensed son to the policy, an addition that increased our RI insurance almost $3,000 for six months.  Yes, you read that right.  $3,000 for six months!  Adding Jake to our new Hawaiian insurance?  Priceless.  And free.  No, really, free.  I guess living on a rock has its advantages, which far exceed the white sand beaches and tropical weather.  Now, what to do with all of that extra money in my pocket ... suggestions welcome!

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  1. Had to crunch the saving again ... one year of insurance in Hawaii is equal to TWO MONTHS of insurance here in RI!


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