Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wine Pairings

Okay.  I'm excited now. For those of you who know me here on the Mainland, you know my passion for wine.  For those of you following from Japan, Canada, Germany, and the Ukraine (thank you!), I invite you to visit my website to get caught up.  

This decision to move off of the mainland has been a bittersweet one. Leaving friends, loved ones, our furry family, and, yes, my dishes, has been the bitter side.  Living in a tropical paradise?  Well, clearly the sweet side! Over the past four years I have worked hard to establish myself in the world of wines, creating my own business, Premium Pour Wine Tastings, to fill a void I noticed here in Rhode Island of offering in-home wine tastings.  

This year, 2012, my business has already shown tremendous growth. Proposals for events with well known corporate Rhode Island companies have been accepted and (here's the bitter side of things again) have had to be withdrawn.  And I've had to disappoint a number of brides-to-be, anniversary celebrations, and birthday girls with the news that I can no longer make myself available for their events. Now for the sweet side again!  Tamura's Fine Wines, seemingly the island's largest chain of fine wines, liquors, cigars, and, of course, poke, has offered me an interview!

My job, I hope, will include leaning how to pair wine with the traditional Hawaiian cuisine, poke. Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is a raw fish salad and means "to slice or cut." Local residents insist a party wouldn't be a party without it. There's even a world-class festival each September to celebrate it.  

For those of you who enjoy sushi, I think you will agree that Ahi Tuna is some of the best sashimi to be found.  Now to pair with that delicious, melt in your mouth, local Hawaiian treasure with a bottle of Tamura's fine wine?  Yes, please!  Just another reason I find myself daydreaming on a winter's day for an ...

Aloha State of Mind


  1. You will ace the interview and get the job at Tamura's!!!
    I may pass on the sashimi, not big on sushi, but may have a glass of wine and a cigar lol!

  2. Good Luck with your interview, when it happens! I hope you and Nick stay there for several years. since we pay high school tuition, x 2, right now, it may take that long to have extra money for plane tickets.


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